“The old canard that American backing for Israel alienated prospective allies in the Arab world has disappeared, now that the Sunni Arab states find themselves in a de facto alliance with Israel against Shi’ite Iran”

Israel Shows What Alliances Are For
by David P Goldman
June 7, 2018

…Israel has substantially reduced Iran’s military capacity in Syria, for example, and has done so without provoking a confrontation with Russia…The optimal way to deal with Iran is to help bring down the Islamist regime…The beating that Israel has given the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps and its motley mercenary army in Syria humiliates the regime, and contributes to the overall goal of regime change. No American boots on the ground, and probably no American planes in the air, will be required. That’s what the Israeli alliance contributes. READ MORE

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT US to Provide Israel with Modern Weapons to ‘Face Possible War with Iran’ Security sources in Tel Aviv revealed the approval of US President Donald Trump of a broad plan to strengthen the capabilities of the Israeli army, to meet the “threat of a possible war with Iran.” The plan includes increasing the number of US military units in Israel and expanding them regularly, and strengthening Israel’s defense capability to surpass Iranian ballistic missiles, the sources said.

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