“El Al plane took off 75 minutes late due to demand by four men, who refused to speak to female flight attendants to solve matter”

NY-Israel flight delayed by ultra-Orthodox men’s refusal to sit next to women
by Staff
June 23, 2018

An El Al flight from New York to Israel this week was delayed for over an hour due to the refusal by a number of ultra-Orthodox men to sit next to women…One of them, he said, was “particularly devout and ascetic,” having got on the plane with his eyes closed and keeping them shut for the duration of the flight in an apparent effort to avoid looking at any woman on board. READ MORE

THE MEDIA LINE Israeli Flag Carrier Reeling After Violating Ban on Discriminating to Satisfy Haredi Passengers Despite a court ruling prohibiting the moving of passengers to accommodate demands by those who won’t sit next to a man or a woman, the crew in question allowed a stalemate to continue for an hour before caving in to the prohibited path…That apparently sent the cash-poor carrier’s boss into action. ElAl chief Gonen Usishkin issued the statement that probably should have followed the court ruling. He said, “from now on, a passenger who refuses to sit next to another passenger will be immediately removed from the flight.”

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