Here’s a Birthright Trip Michael Chabon could get behind

Left-wing NGO crashes Birthright group to spread ‘anti-Occupation’ info
by Jeremy Sharon
June 28, 2018

A group of five activists from the far-left IfNotNow Jewish organization infiltrated a Birthright group currently in Israel this week, and offered a tour of Hebron to other members of the group with the Breaking the Silence organization.
IfNotNow, which says it seeks to “end American Jewish support for the occupation,” launched a new campaign this week called Not Just A Free Trip, in which it says it is using “a diversity of methods” to teach Birthright participants about “the daily nightmare of Occupation.”  READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Left-wing participants stage Birthright walkout to attend West Bank tour  Claiming the program was “hiding the realities of the occupation,” a group of five Birthright participants staged a walkout on the final day of their trip on Thursday in order to attend a tour of the West Bank city of Hebron run by the left-wing Breaking the Silence organization. The group live-streamed their protest…

JNS Focusing on the funding and leadership of IfNotNow According to Aviva Slomich, international campus director for CAMERA…anti-Zionist messages are an essential part of IfNotNow’s messaging. “Our concern with IfNotNow is not that they give the Palestinians a voice, but that they attack Israel, make heavily biased statements and facts, distort the truth, and demonize Israel and the Jewish people.”

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