Washington Post “Portraying Palestinian terrorists as protesters is emblematic of The Post’s tendency to minimize the threats faced by the Jewish state”

For The Washington Post, Jewish Blood Isn’t Cheap — It’s Just Not Worth the Ink
by Sean Durns
June 25, 2018

…Media coverage of the Hamas-led operation, however, was uniformly awful — as CAMERA has documented. And The Washington Post was among the worst. The Post regurgitated casualty claims by Gaza’s “Health Ministry,” but failed to inform readers that the ministry is a Hamas entity that shares the group’s goals of delegitimizing and destroying Israel. The “ministry” is not, as The Post would have readers believe, a credible source. Worse still, the paper failed to fully detail Hamas’ role and objectives at the borderREAD MORE

YNET NEWS Fatah warns Hamas of making deals with Israel on Gaza port Amid reports Israel is examining possibility of building sea port for the strip in Cyprus, Hamas, Islamic Jihad officials say they’ve yet to see any concrete plans, while PA official asserts Trump using Gaza crisis as excuse to reach ‘deal of the century.’…The proposal is believed to have been discussed in meetings between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and senior White adviser Jared Kushner and Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt

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