“#Netanyahu’s gifts were apparent very early on. Intelligent, preternaturally serious, he had an immense capacity for hard work, always seeming older than his age”

A First Draft of the Life of Benjamin Netanyahu
by Neil Rogachevsky
July 2, 2018

…No one can deny that Bibi is indeed a bit of a fish out of water in contemporary Israel. He is more comfortable with American-born aides as well as with supporters in America than with rank-and-file Likud members, to say nothing of Israel’s literary and media establishment. Pfeffer rightly attributes this to his “American journey” in education, business, and politics, yet misses the essential point. During his time in America in the 70s and 80s, Bibi became a serious student of the new common-sense economic and political thought that would soon, like everything in America, develop an “ism” to go with it: in this case, neoconservatism. READ MORE

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