Holocaust scholars challenge USHMM’s take on FDR and the Jews

Why FDR Abandoned The Jews
by Debbie Maimon
Aug 1, 2018

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, DC recently opened a controversial new exhibit, “Americans and the Holocaust,” that claims President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried his best to aid Jews feeling Hitler but was thwarted by public and congressional opposition. It’s a view that many historians are calling a whitewash of historical truth…Despite these authoritative studies, millions of visitors will walk away from the “Americans and the Holocaust” exhibit believing that Roosevelt bore no responsibility for his administration’s massive failure to aid Jewish refugees, noted Dr. Rafael Medoff , founding director of the David Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, in an interview with Yated. READ MORE

DAVID WYMAN INSTITUTE FOR HOLOCAUST STUDIES Distorting America’s Response to the Holocaust: An Analysis of the “Americans and the Holocaust” exhibit at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

WASHINGTON POST Holocaust Museum rethinks FDR’s World War II refugee legacy …Co-curators Rebecca Erbelding and Daniel Greene disagreed on how to grade Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s efforts to save Jewish refugees during World War II. Erbelding, an archivist at the museum, gave FDR a B-minus, while Greene, who teaches at Northwestern University, was stingier with a C-plus…“We are not trying to apologize for FDR in any way or to put a finger on the scale” 

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