If at any point Palestinians expressed a desire to live side-by-side with the Jewish state, they would have been included in talks

Washington Post Op-Ed Completely Distorts the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Ken Jacobson
August 5, 2018

No matter how often one reads about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and thinks that one had heard it all, someone comes along and shocks us with their ignorance, all in the guise of objective analysis. So it is with an article published in The Washington Post on July 26 by a Norwegian professor, Jorgen Jensehaugen, titled “The Fatal Flaw in Trump’s Plan for Middle East Peace. Jensehaugen’s thesis is that the Trump plan, like those of previous administrations, will fail because of a fatal flaw: “Not involving Palestinians in the discussion.” He then traces the long history of calamities between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and attributes them to this flaw. READ MORE

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