Mort Klein: “It’s deeply offensive that Racist bigot Jew hating White hating Louis Farrakhan was invited to the great soul singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral”

Jewish Leaders Outraged Over ‘Black Hitler’ Farrakhan’s Prominent Appearance at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral
by Benjamin Kerstein
September 2, 2018

Jewish leaders voiced outrage on Sunday over the prominent attendance of Nation of Islam leader and notorious antisemite Louis Farrakhan at legendary singer Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday. Farrakhan was given a front-row seat on the dais, sitting next to controversial African-American leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and only three seats away from former president Bill Clinton. “It was absolutely jarring to see one America’s leading purveyors of antisemitism given a place of such prominence at Aretha’s funeral,” Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League told The Algemeiner. READ MORE

FRONT PAGE MAG Farrakhan Hijacks Aretha Franklin Funeral Some in the funeral audience might have wondered why the first African American president, an Aretha Franklin fan and a commanding orator, was missing in action. As it happens, his absence could have something to do with the presence of Louis Farrakhan.

FREE  BEACON Networks Crop Farrakhan out of Photos at Aretha Franklin Funeral, Call Him Part of an ‘Inclusive Group’

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