“Hawks feared that the U.S. would allow Iran access to the global financial communications system, Swift. They were wrong”

Trump Bank Sanctions Will Hit Iran Where It Hurts
by Eli Lake
November 2, 2018

For the last month, it looked as though President Donald Trump’s campaign of maximum pressure against Iran would include a loophole. Sanctions on Iran’s banks, oil exports, ships and ports, lifted in 2015 as part of a nuclear weapons agreement that Trump exited in May, will be reimposed on Monday. But it was not clear until Friday whether those banks would be allowed to participate in the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or Swift. That is the system that allows the world’s banks to communicate with one another…Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin ended the suspense. READ MORE

THE HILL Bolton: Even more Iran sanctions planned White House national security adviser John Bolton on Monday warned that there are even more Iran sanctions planned, saying the Trump administration is not “simply going to be content” with the level that existed under former President Obama. Bolton’s comments came as the U.S. reimposed its final round of sanctions against Tehran after leaving the Iranian nuclear deal in May.

THE SUN Farrakhan Does Tehran, Chides U.S. Iran’s true believers are sticking with the mullahs’ Pavlovian response to President Trump’s newly reimposed sanctions…On Sunday, Tehran flew in Louis Farrakhan to help spread its go-to “It’s all America’s fault” message. And the Nation of Islam leader played his role like a violin — even flaunting foreign-language skills. “Death to … ” Minister Farrakhan intoned in Farsi, addressing a Tehran University audience. “America,” answered the obedient crowd.

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