Israel boycott ban is not about free speech

Reuters Misrepresents New Congress’ Anti-BDS Bill
by Tamar Sternthal
January 10, 2019

Reuters’ article yesterday on the “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act,” a bill which stalled Tuesday in the Senate, opens with a misleading and ominous reference to the legislation’s “measure to punish Americans who boycott Israel” (“First bill of new U.S. Congress, on Middle East policy, stalls in Senate“). Further down, the article repeats this inaccurate and overly broad characterization of the bill’s supposed application to Americans at large, stating that it “would let state and local governments punish Americans for boycotting Israel.” In fact, the bill would not sweepingly apply to “Americans” at large, but to “entities” engaged in geographically specific boycott activityREAD MORE

TOWER ACLU Falsely Claims That Anti-Boycott Legislation Limits Free Speech The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), one time the nation’s premier civil rights organization, has falsely characterized legislation that would penalize companies that boycott Israel as limiting free speech. 

REUTERS Israel boycott ban is not about free speech Contrary to the challengers’ free speech narrative, these state laws do not actually impact anyone’s ability to hold, express or advocate any viewpoint. Instead, they only require businesses seeking government contracts (or investments) to certify they are not engaged in discriminatory boycotts.

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