Jewish voters waking up to GOP’s appeal

by Paul Miller
November 12, 2014

Election Day 1984 is regarded as a historic moment in my family. It’s the day my grandmother of blessed memory, Ida Miller, went into the voting booth with my father and told him in Yiddish to cast her vote for Ronald Reagan. My father was stunned, to say the least. He asked his mother, a lifelong Chicago Democrat who voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt four times and like so many Jewish immigrants, was loyal to the Party of FDR, “Why did you vote for Reagan?”  She responded, “This is not the Democrat Party of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy. This is not the Democratic Party I came of age with.”

Grandma Ida was certainly ahead of her time. Thirty years later, Jewish voters still primarily vote Democratic, but the party is no longer the heir to FDR and JFK. The ideals of George McGovern, Jimmy Carter and Jesse Jackson dominate the modern day party. Even though the majority of American Jewry is still in denial, 21st century elections reveal more Jewish voters are no longer blindly voting for the “D” next to the name on the ballot.

Election Night 2014 will go down as one of the worst moments in Democrat Party history. By the time the final votes and runoffs are completed, the GOP will control 53 or 54 U.S. Senate seats and President Obama will continue to display his disconnect from reality, refusing to believe that his policies are being overwhelmingly rejected by the American people……


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