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Trump should model Reagan: “A formula that led to the collapse of the mighty Soviet empire can surely down Mr. Khamenei’s and the Revolutionary Guard’s kleptocracy”

WALL STREET JOURNAL How to Defeat the Islamic Republic by Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh October 11, 2017 …Meantime, government reports, the controlled press and even senior Revolutionary Guard commanders reluctantly confess the truth: Islam is growing weaker within … Continue reading

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Ettinger: “The assumption that U.S.-Israel relations are shaped from the top down and are determined by U.S. presidents and “elites” constitutes a slap in the face of U.S. democracy”

ISRAEL HAYOM Shared values shape relations by Yoram Ettinger July 8, 2016 Long-term trends in U.S.-Israel relations do not hinge solely, or even mostly, on U.S. presidents. This has been documented since Israel’s establishment in 1948, and especially since the … Continue reading

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Jewish voters waking up to GOP’s appeal

THE HILL by Paul Miller November 12, 2014 Election Day 1984 is regarded as a historic moment in my family. It’s the day my grandmother of blessed memory, Ida Miller, went into the voting booth with my father and told … Continue reading

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