Ettinger: “The assumption that U.S.-Israel relations are shaped from the top down and are determined by U.S. presidents and “elites” constitutes a slap in the face of U.S. democracy”

Shared values shape relations
by Yoram Ettinger
July 8, 2016

Long-term trends in U.S.-Israel relations do not hinge solely, or even mostly, on U.S. presidents. This has been documented since Israel’s establishment in 1948, and especially since the early 1980s, when, despite systematic presidential pressures on Israel, bilateral cooperation in the fields of industry, commerce, science, technology, agriculture, homeland security and defense has surged beyond expectations…Despite the presidential pressures — which included arms embargoes, suspensions of deliveries of advanced military systems, denials of loan guarantees, and brutal condemnations — Israel’s role as the United States’ major non-NATO ally and it most effective and unconditional geostrategic ally has catapulted to unprecedented levels. READ MORE

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