#NYU #SJP “The same forces behind the [so-called] genocide of black people in America are behind the [so-called] genocide of Palestinians”

New York University’s Students for Justice in Palestine Blames Police Shootings of Blacks on Israel
by Yair Rosenberg
July 8, 2016

Meanwhile, the New York University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine was busy trying to pin the police shootings on the world’s only Jewish state. On Thursday, the group—which advocates the total boycott of Israel—posted the following on its Facebook page [conflating the so-called “genocide of black people in America” with the so-called “genocide of Palestinians” — another hoax totally contradicted by that group’s continuous population growth]…Last November, the group was a signatory to a statement that attributed high city college tuition costs in New York to CUNY’s purportedly “Zionist administration.” READ MORE

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