“Anti-Semitism currently comes from four groups: the left, the Islamic world, neo-Nazis and, in the United States, radicalized African-Americans”

How anti-Semitism became unleashed in the West
by Melanie Phillips
March 7, 2019

Of these, the left are the most important, as they control the levers of our culture. And the left are currently both incubators and facilitators of anti-Semitism. This is why. First, many of them now subscribe to the Marxist view that life is a constant battle between the powerful and the powerless. Under this dogma, those with power can never be good; those without power can never be bad. Those who make money have power over those who don’t make money. Those who make money are bad; those without money are good. Jews make money. Therefore, Jews are powerful and bad. READ MORE

AMERICAN SPECTATOR Abraham H. Miller: Institutionalizing Anti-Semitism in the Halls of Congress And Jews will not absorb the reality that it is the Black Caucus in the Democrat Party that ran to Omar’s aid and defended her vile anti-Semitism. In the era of identity politics, at a time when Will Smith is too white to play a role, skin color is far and away more important than ideology or prior alliances. Tribalism and “minority” status are the most significant political considerations, not just in our universities but also in the halls of the Congress. This is the real consequence of identity politics and political correctness, which Jewish organizations have supported and will ultimately regret having done so.

NATIONAL REVIEW The Democratic Surrender on Anti-Semitism It turns out you can accuse Jews of controlling the world, buying Congress, and harboring dual loyalty to Israel and still be considered a heroine by much of the Democratic party. The reaction to the latest example of anti-Semitic invective from Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is a teaching moment for anyone previously unsure about how the toxic mix of identity politics, intersectional ideology, and naked partisanship could lead to a major American political party deciding that hate- mongering from one of its members wasn’t deserving even of a slap on the wrist.

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