Syria: “The U.S. should do everything in its power to ensure Israel’s success in its growing confrontation with #Iran, which serves U.S. interests, and those of our other Sunni Arab allies”

How the US can work with Israel in Syria without putting more boots on the ground
by Michael Makovsky
March 17, 2019

…For several years, Israel has waged a concerted and increasingly public campaign to deny Iran’s most ambitious goals in Syria: a significant upgrade to Hezbollah’s arsenal and establishment of a forward operating base against Israel and Jordan. Israel has conducted hundreds of strikes in Syria against Iranian arms convoys, bases, missile defenses, precision missile factories, and even personnel. Nevertheless, there is a limit to what Israel can accomplish. It might deny Tehran some objectives, but it cannot remove Iran’s presence entirely. That is why, as senior security officials told me on a recent visit, Israel has recently adopted a new approach to pushing Iran out of Syria. READ MORE

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