“Ilhan Omar pretends to address her critics by misdirecting them in her new Washington Post op-ed”

.@Ilhan Omar’s @WashingtonPost op-ed – misdirection, projection and dishonesty
March 18, 2019

The [Washington Post] article pretends to insist on using a single standard based on human rights for all nations, but the logic falls apart when you look past the platitudes…I was unaware that Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain are controlling and funding terror groups worldwide like Iran is….Even though this op-ed was carefully written to make it appear that Omar is not obsessed with “Palestine,” she has to address it and gives it five paragraphs – and her bias shines through even the layers of consultants and ghostwriters that she hired to spin this op-ed to be as liberal and fair as possible. READ MORE

FREE BEACON Dem Lawmakers Admit During Private Meeting They Don’t Know What Anti-Semitism Looks Like Omar doesn’t respond when asked to ‘affirm Israel’s right to exist’...Rep Phillips’s request that Omar support the right of Jews to exist in the Jewish state and in the United States “stunned the three Muslim Democrats in the room.”

TABLET MAG Lee Smith: Political Powerlessness Is Expensive American Jews have only begun to pay the price demanded by the Democratic Party’s new math. Ilhan Omar is both a canny political operator and a con artist who specializes in gutter smears. And thus there is no question about who won the fight she picked with Nancy Pelosi and Democratic congressional leadership, desperate to sweep the party’s anti-Semitism problem under the rug.

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