#MeghanMcCain: “Americans do not support Israel because #AIPAC is influential, AIPAC is influential because Americans support Israel”

Despite attacks from the left and the right, AIPAC is still needed
by Jonathan S. Tobin
March 25, 2019

Still, the argument that AIPAC has become irrelevant to pro-Israel advocacy is mistaken. Just like liberals who have wrongly interpreted the lobby’s willingness to embrace right-wingers who love Israel as proof that it is a Republican front, so, too, does the right get it wrong when it blasts as AIPAC as a weak sister for refusing to go to war against the Democrats. Both ends of the political spectrum simply don’t understand what AIPAC does and why—their criticisms notwithstanding—it is still doing its job. READ MORE

THE JEWISH CHRONICLE Joan Ryan gets standing ovation as she tells America’s biggest pro-Israel conference Labour is now ‘riddled with antisemitism’ I’m at AIPAC “To Remind You How Quickly Things Can Change”

JNS Former US and Israeli defense officials clash over duty of AIPAC When AIPAC and other liberal Jewish groups lead congressmen, senators and other leaders on trips to Israel, posed [Harold] Rhode, “why are AIPAC and the other major U.S. Jewish groups so hesitant to take people to see the Jewish towns and villages in Judea and Samaria?

DAILY WIRE Leftist Organization Claims False Victory For Dem Candidates Not Attending AIPAC. Here’s The Real Reason. Last week, the leftist organization MoveOn declared victory over several Democratic presidential candidates as they did not attend AIPAC’s annual bipartisan Policy Conference. But the truth is more prosaic; many of the candidates were simply not invited or had scheduling conflicts.

THE NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK AIPAC After-Parties With An Ideological Bent The Yesha Council, representing West Bank settlers, hosted an event Sunday evening at the evangelical-backed Museum of the Bible. Hosted by the Hebron community spokesman Yishai Fleisher, the event opened with a “Woodstock-style” rendition of the national anthem and “Hatikvah” 

CBN NEWS Romania and Honduras Tell AIPAC Conference They’re Moving Embassies to Jerusalem

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