Bibi: “There’s only one way to guarantee that Lapid and Gantz won’t form a left-wing government, and that is to vote Likud”

Netanyahu vows to annex settlements in West Bank if he wins election
by Gil Hoffman
April 6, 2019

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began a campaign over the weekend to take seats away from the Likud’s satellite parties on the Right, in an effort to win more seats for Likud than Blue and White in Tuesday’s election, and ensure that President Reuven Rivlin will ask him to form the next government. As part of that effort, in an interview with Channel 12 on Saturday night, Netanyahu vowed to annex territories in settlements and evacuate the illegal West Bank herding village of Khan Al-Ahmar, if he wins another term. READ MORE

ELDER OF ZIYON The liberalism in the “far right” Zehut platform Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut party, when it is mentioned in the media at all, is usually described as a quirky “ultranationalist” party that supports annexing the West Bank although it also supports legalization of marijuana. However, polls show that it may get as many as 5-8 Knesset seats…People are realizing that Feiglin very well may emerge as the kingmaker as long as the top two parties remain close in the polls.

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