Washington Post: “By omitting any mention of Jordan, reporter misleads readers into thinking Israel took the West Bank from the Palestinians”

WaPo covers up information to make Israel look bad
by Michael Berenhaus
April 16, 2019

In “Netanyahu makes election vow to annex settlements in occupied West Bank” (4/7/19), the Post clearly and correctly states that the Golan Heights is “a plateau captured from Syria in 1967.” The Post then obfuscates the issue of who owned the West Bank before Israel captured that territory. It describes the West Bank as “lands Israel captured in 1967.” But whom were the lands captured from? The Post has no policy of concealing the former owners of captured territory, as shown by the passage on the Golan Heights. So why the disparity? The only possible reason is because the Post wants to hide the fact that Israel won the West Bank from Jordan [which occupied it illegally]. READ MORE

CAMERA New York Times Suggests “Terrorist” Label for Israel And considering the way those journalists shoehorned the Jewish state into the conversation — by suggesting that maybe Israeli intelligence should also be designated as a foreign terrorist group — it is, most troublingly, a story about a newspaper that has lost any measure of self-restraint when it comes to the small, Jewish country that so often dominates its attention.

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