Shmuley Boteach on Cory Booker “I cannot overlook his stunning unfaithfulness to the Jewish people at a time when antisemitism is rising throughout the world”

Why Cory Booker is cratering in the polls
by Shmuley Boteach
April 23, 2019

An article in the national media a few weeks ago said that my 25-year friendship with Cory Booker “had foundered.” I must dispute this characterization. My friendship has not foundered. It was betrayed. It was betrayed by a friend who was as close to me as a brother, whom my people embraced as a son, but who decided to vote to fund a government that was calling for our annihilation.  It was betrayed by a friend whom I introduced to Elie Wiesel, and who quotes the great Holocaust survivor at every turn, but who chose to close his eyes to Iran’s promise to perpetrate a second Holocaust. READ MORE

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