The Israeli Left: Our country is wrong pretty much no matter what they do. Or as Philip Roth put it: “When It comes to defaming Jews, the Palestinians are pipsqueaks next to Ha’aretz”

How the Israeli Left Lost It
by Edward Alexander
June 23, 2019

The heart sinks, the mind reels to learn that the odious doctrines of “diversity” and multiculturalism (a euphemism for cultural deprivation) have spread from American universities to Israel…Nisan cites a notorious recent example, much beloved of feminist Israel-haters: “One of the most weird and morally staggering innovations at the Hebrew University, was a student’s sociological research on Israeli soldiers who, despite the alleged wicked occupation of the territories, refrain from raping Palestinian women. The researcher concluded that Jewish soldiers were racist and exclusivist in refusing the opportunity to exploit Arab women as sex plunder.” READ MORE

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