And this, from a Joe Biden supporter: “Liberals repelled by both a blatant idiot and a bankrupting socialist could simply stay home”

Where is the Democrat who can take on Trump?
by Lionel Shriver
July 3, 2019

I have plenty of shamefaced company in having rashly predicted, as pundits are warned never to do, that Donald Trump wouldn’t win the White House in 2016. I don’t plan on repeating that mistake. Liberals are especially prone to confuse the words ‘should’ and ‘will’. Just because Trump shouldn’t win in 2020 doesn’t mean he won’t. Nevertheless, American Democrats are approaching an election that ought to be a slam dunk. In Gallup polls, Trump is the only president in modern history never to exceed a 50 percent approval rating (having sunk as low as 36, he’s currently at 42, with a disapproval rating of 53). READ MORE

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