Ethiopian Israelis: Police brutality and other tragedies force a reckoning

How Israel Is Failing Its Ethiopian Citizens
by Naomi Ragen
August 26, 2019

This July, thousands of Ethiopian Jews participated in sit-ins, blocking main roads all over Israel with burning tires. More than 100 police officers were injured and more than 136 demonstrators arrested. The immediate catalyst was the death of Ethiopian Israeli teenager Soloman Teka at the hands of an off-duty policeman. While protesters claimed Teka had been shot in cold blood, the officer testified he had simply been relaxing in the park with his family when a fight broke out and he attempted to break it up, at which point his life was threatened. The bullet, he claimed, had been aimed at the ground but ricocheted, killing Teka accidentally. Forensic reports later corroborated this. READ MORE

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