Reform Movement “condemnation of Trump and the implication that all people of faith are bound to oppose him creates a toxic mix of partisanship and religion”

Reform launches a political war in time for the High Holidays
by Jonathan Tobin
September 12, 2019

It turns out that the Jewish community didn’t need to wait until the synagogues were packed for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in order to gauge the amount of political rhetoric that American rabbis were going to deploy in their High Holiday sermons. The Reform movement of Judaism has already stolen a march on the rest of the Jewish world with a statement issued earlier this month condemning President Donald Trump. In a blog post on the website of the Union of Reform Judaism signed by the leaders of all 12 institutions associated with the denomination, the movement made it clear that it considers Trump beyond the pale in ways that even transcend the sort of liberal partisanship that is normally associated with Reform Jews. READ MORE

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