“It is not racist for Israelis not to want Hamas supporters and champions of terrorist murderers in the Israeli government”

A note on Tuesday’s elections
September 19, 2019

The US media coverage of the Israeli election has misrepresented the results of Tuesday’s vote…This week the Washington Post slandered Netanyahu — and Israeli society. The editorial board falsely claimed that the public’s aversion to including the Arab parties in a government is a product of racism. This is a lie. Israelis don’t want to share power with the Arab parties because there is not one Arab party that accepts Israel’s right to exist. READ MORE

JNS Alex Traiman: The political downfall of Israel’s right-wing The deadlock now increases the likelihood of a national unity government comprised of both Likud, and Blue and White. But Gantz has said that he refuses to sit in any government led by Netanyahu, and Netanyahu is thus far unwilling to yield the prime minister’s chair to his challenger or to another member of the Likud Party.

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