“As pressure to treat the Jewish state like a pariah has grown, so has the list of authors who refuse to allow their books to be published in Israel – or even translated in Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people”

Authors Snubbing Israel
by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller
September 24, 2019

…British writer Kamila Shamsi won the prestigious Nelly Sachs literary prize, bestowed every other year by the city of Dortmund in Germany. A Nelly Sachs award comes with 15,000 Euros (about $16,500) in prize money and celebrates authors whose work contributes to the promotion of understanding between different groups of people. There was only one problem: far from bringing people together, Ms. Shamsi books divide groups and inflame passions. For years, she’s forbidden any of her works to be published in Israel.When this outrageous fact was pointed out to the Nelly Sachs prize committee, they decided to take a principled stand. For the first time, they revoked their award. READ MORE

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