UN report recognizes for the first time that “the objectives, activities, and effects of the BDS movement are fundamentally anti-Semitic”

BDS is the new face of the old antisemitism: What will we do to stop it?
October 2, 2019

…After more than a decade of deception, new evidence is being presented by a range of governments, international organizations, and media outlets to show that BDS is nothing but a front for anti-Semitic hate groups and terrorists that seek nothing less than the destruction of the State of Israel. It is the new face of the old antisemitism. The world is just waking up to this horrifying truth, which sheds light on what America can do to address this growing hatred around the world. On September 24, 2019, the United Nations — a body with no love for Israel and a well-documented history of bias against the Jewish State — released an unprecedented report on the worldwide spread of anti-Semitism. READ MORE

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