Under the execrable UN Resolution 2334–facilitated by Obama admin–“Israel suddenly was told that it has no right to be in the Golan Heights or at Rachel’s Tomb or at the Western Wall of the Holy Temple compound in Jerusalem”

America Recognizes the Legality of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria, Countering Obama and the UN
by Dov Fishcher
November 19, 2019

As they prepared finally to exit the national scene, Obama and John Kerry thought they were sticking it to Israel one last time when they supported the despicable UN Security Council resolution that declared all “Jewish settlements” in the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, and the rest of the “West Bank” illegal. It never was a surprise that China and Russia would vote that way, and the fickle West Europeans, epitomized in the Security Council by France and the United Kingdom, now all have such a heavy Arab Muslim swing-vote demographic influencing their respective domestic elections that they also are led by the nose and by their dependency on Arab oil to toe the OPEC line. READ MORE

NATIONAL REVIEW Israeli Settlements Are a Political, Not a Legal Issue It was not radical for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to revive the Reagan policy…Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has just upended longstanding, widely held opinion about the legality of Israel’s West Bank settlements. Critics say he is off on the law, has radically broken with U.S. policy, and is undermining the pursuit of peace. Those critics are wrong on all scores.

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