“Poverty, hardship and a sense of hopelessness are driving protesters into the streets in Iran, where they have been met with brutality by the Revolutionary Guard”

Eyewitnesses on the Unrest in Iran
by Susanne Koelbl
November 28, 2019

Thousands have been protesting against the government and revolutionary leader Ali Khamenei in dozens of Iranian cities for more than a week now. The security forces have responded with lethal force, with human rights organization Amnesty International reporting more than a hundred deaths…Under sanctions imposed by the United States, Iran is only able to export small amounts of oil and goods, which has created a financial and economic crisis in the country. One of the aims of the American sanctions is to provoke protests. Officials in Washington hope a counterrevolution can bring down the regime. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST US Ambassador slams Norway for praising bypass of Iran sanctions The US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell on Friday savaged the Norwegian ambassador to Iran for lauding a European system to circumvent American sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic of Iran for Tehran’s illicit nuclear activities and terrorism.

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