“Forty years after the Islamic Revolution, substantial numbers of Iranians are finally rejecting the priorities of their masters”

Iranian Protests Were Not about the Price of Gas
by A.J. Caschetta
December 2, 2019

Anyone who thinks that the recent protests in 100 cities throughout Iran were about gas prices did not pay attention to what the protesters were saying. The immediate spark that led to the Arab Spring was the 2010 self-immolation of a Tunisian fruit vendor, but the Arab Spring revolution was not about Tunisian citizens’ ability to obtain permits to sell fruit. Likewise, this unrest in Iran was not about the price of gas. Iranian protesters (and rioters) chanting “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon!” “Leave Syria and think of us,” and even “Death to Palestine!” indicates that something much larger than the price of gas drove their outrage. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Liel Leibovitz: Iran in flames and ‘experts’ didn’t foresee it due to Trump-hate blindness Did our ­experts see this coming? Nope: Most were too busy blasting President Trump. The prestige press and Twitterati spent the last few years railing against the president for trashing the nuclear deal and ratcheting up sanctions — actions that had supposedly sent the Iranian people rallying around the flag…Blinded by their disdain for Trump, they could credit no narrative that didn’t feature the president as the ultimate bumbler.

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