“Ahead of Trump’s announcement, Barack Obama’s ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro delivered a not-particularly-veiled threat to Israelis who might be tempted to accept Trump’s framework for peace”

Reservations about the Trump Mideast peace plan
by Daniel Pipes
January 29, 2020

Nevertheless, I am not delighted with the plan, and for two main reasons. First, who needs it? Israel does best when it acts independently on its interests, not following the U.S. lead. All Israeli leaders since 1948 have wisely resisted plans imposed from the outside, implicitly asking, “Who assigned you to solve our problems?” But this time, the country’s top two politicians dashed to Washington to endorse just such a plan. I predict that these same leaders or their successors will rue ceding such authority to Americans. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Caroline Glick: Trump’s heroic truth and Israel’s historic opportunity For America to recognize the legitimacy of Israel’s control and Israel’s sovereign rights to these areas, America’s leaders would need to recognize the simple fact that Israel is not a refuge for a persecuted, pitiable people, but the homeland of the eternal nation of Israel. And all US presidents until Trump preferred to deny this truth. As a matter of US policy, they transferred the Jewish nation’s historical rights to the Palestinians who have no national history. But then, three years ago, Trump entered the White House.

Ben Shapiro lays out the back story for the First Real Peace Plan

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