Bernie Sanders: “And let me tell you this also, and I feel strongly about it, as somebody who’s Jewish, and knowing how much our people have suffered over the years”

Bernie Articulates Nightmare Middle East Vision: US Must Support Hamas, Tehran
by David Israel
February 19, 2020

…This line, folks, is taken directly from the PLO propaganda manual about the Jews who survived the Holocaust in Europe only to come home to Israel to start tormenting the “indigenous people.” Because the Jews suffered in the past, goes this deeply anti-Semitic logic, then all suffering endured by their Arab neighbors is by default the Jews’ fault. There are no other factors: tyrannical regimes, terrorist gangs usurping the hard-earned pennies of the working population, tribalism, illiteracy, Arab on Arab violence, the domination of women – none of that catches Bernie’s attention. Trust him, as a Jew himself, when he tells you: it’s the Jews. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Israeli foreign minister rips Sanders for ‘horrifying’ comments about Netanyahu Israel’s foreign minister slammed Bernie Sanders on Wednesday for his “horrifying” comments about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem during the latest Democratic debate. The Vermont senator called Netanyahu a “reactionary racist” Tuesday night in South Carolina and said he’d consider reversing President Trump’s move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital city.

JNS Will Bernie turn Jews into Trump supporters? Not even the victory of a Socialist backed by a coalition of Israel haters will persuade liberal Jews to abandon their party, let alone vote for a president they hate.

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