In case you don’t have enough data on coronavirus, here’s a minute-by-minute dashboard to fixate on

Top Israeli doctors guide those under Coronavirus quarantine on diet, health–and staying sane
by Simona Shemer
March 11, 2020

Dr. Ishay Lev, a Jerusalem-based family physician with more than 15 years of experience, recently gave an interactive online video presentation to a Chinese audience about the correlation between smoking and the novel coronavirus. Speaking in English with simultaneous Chinese translation, he offered a scientific explanation based on his medical expertise on the dangers of smoking, given the significant correlating factor between smoking and the severity of the virus. Also, Lev’s audience was in quarantine. Dr. Lev is one of some 100 Israeli doctors taking part in an initiative established by Innonation, an Israeli innovation organization that specializes in cross-border projects, to help Chinese residents quarantined because of coronavirus. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Updated every minute, 17-year-old whiz kid’s coronavirus site used by millions A self-taught computer maven from Seattle, Avi Schiffmann uses web scraping technology to accurately report on developing pandemic, while fighting misinformation and panic. A Jewish teenager from the Seattle area has built a website that is keeping the world updated on the COVID-19 pandemic as it spreads. The website,, has been visited by 12 million people since it launched in late December. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE nCoV2019.LIVE WEBSITE

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