“Blue and White leader says he has ‘not received a serious reply’ from the PM on offer to start negotiations to form emergency coalition amid pandemic”

Gantz: Unity government needed now, I’m waiting for Netanyahu to okay talks
by Raoul Wootliff
March 13, 2020

On Thursday evening, Netanyahu reached out to his political rivals to form an emergency government to fight the spread of the virus, inviting Gantz for talks. In a prime-time televised speech from the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, the premier called on the Blue and White leader to take the step following a year-long political deadlock during which neither has succeeded in forming a governing coalition. “It would be an emergency government for a limited time, and we will fight together to save the lives of tens of thousands of citizens,” Netanyahu said in his statement to the press, during which he issued dire warnings of a high potential death toll from the virus and announced that Israeli schools would be shut down starting Friday. READ MORE

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