Gordis: “Why are so many of us – rabbis, backpackers, politicians, with their recklessness during a pandemic – willing to endanger the extraordinary Jewish life we’ve built here?”

‘We will guard and protect you’: Our forgotten promise to Israel
by Daniel Gordis
March 23, 2020

Twenty-something years ago, after a year’s sabbatical in Israel, when we had decided that we were going to stay and make Aliyah, it came time to tell my colleagues in the States. One of them, a committed Zionist, sounded perplexed and said, “You know, Israel’s about to go into a recession.” Of all their responses, that’s the only one that I still recall, because it struck me as so utterly absurd. Israel was actually not about to go into a recession, but that was the least of it. What left me speechless was the implication that people move to Israel because Israel should serve them. READ MORE

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