Perhaps coming to your town: “National Guard’s raison d’être is not policing a domestic populace. Striking the requisite balance will be a tremendous challenge, undertaken beneath an intensive media glare”

Can the National Guard Protect America?
by Benjamin Anthony, Cade Spivey, and Richard Kemp
April 18, 2020

…While some have been dismissive of the role of the [National][Guard, the continuation of life without a paycheck may well result in events that hammer home the seriousness of the security task at hand. A 2018 federal survey noted that approximately 40 percent of Americans lack the financial means to weather an emergency expense of more than $400. Given that businesses have already been closed or negatively impacted for weeks, and that American workers have been furloughed — industry by industry — those 40 percent are already far beyond the $400 watermark of a financial crisis. In fact, they are already drowning. READ MORE

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