“Decoupling from China is a costly, difficult undertaking, and one sure to prompt pushback from Western corporations”

A China-U.S. Cold War?
by Charles Lipson
April 27, 2020

…If China’s access is squeezed, it will respond ferociously. Beijing would demand foreign companies leave production in China if they want to sell there. It would leverage its global trade and investment ties and continue using loans to gain access to poor countries. It would ramp up cyberattacks, election interference, and industrial espionage. It is already doing so. It would tighten military relationships with regimes already confronting America: Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba. And it would seek closer relations with Pakistan, Turkey, and central Asia. The result would be an alliance system centered on Beijing, opposed to Washington, trying to neutralize Europe with economic ties. READ MORE

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