“The new coalition handcuffs its rival blocks into near paralysis. Perhaps this will usefully restrain Israel’s raging political fevers”

Can Netanyahu, Gantz work together in a straightjacket government?
by David M. Weinberg
April 24, 2020

The Israeli “emergency” and “unity” government that will supposedly be confirmed by the Knesset sometime in May is the screwiest doohickey ever devised in a democracy. The 14-page coalition contract reads like a divorce deal between two parties that hate each other’s guts and seek to divvy-up assets in an environment of no trust whatsoever, not like an agreement between two political partners that are coming together to heal the country. It forms a bifurcated government where two legally embedded blocks can check each other in every possible way every minute of the day, where both Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz are forced to wear straightjackets that deliver punishing and painful electric shocks the split second either of them steps out of line. READ MORE

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