“Ahead of his arraignment in the first-ever criminal trial of a sitting Israeli premier, #Bibi accuses the left of “stitching together” charges against him after having failed to remove him at the ballot box”

Defiant Netanyahu dismisses charges against him at start of corruption trials
May 24, 2020

Moments before an arraignment on multiple corruption charges, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his innocence, saying he had been framed as part of an attempt to topple the country’s right-wing camp. “Citizens of Israel, what is going on trial today is an attempt to thwart the will of the nation. The attempt to topple me, and the right-wing camp,” said Netanyahu, who made his address while surrounded by members of his Likud Party. READ MORE

NEW YORK SUN Editorial Board: Prime Minister Netanyahu in the Dock One of the charges against Mr. Netanyahu is that he allegedly did things sought by a newspaper and, allegedly, in return for the newspaper giving Mr. Netanyahu favorable coverage. If that turns out to be illegal, jeopardy would lurk for every editorial writer in the Milky Way. Newspapers praising politicians who do what they want is as American as a pie made from apples. It’s as Israeli as a falafel.

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