Israel’s Jewish Defamers: Welcome to an odious, virtue-signaling screed

Jewish Studies Professors for Palestine
by Richard L. Cravatts
June 18, 2020

Seeming to give credence to what wry Professor Edward Alexander referred to as the “explosive power of boredom” among some members of the professoriate, around 400 “professors of Jewish Studies in North and South America, Europe, and Israel” recently published and signed “A Letter on Annexation and Apartheid in Israel.”… What is their theory here? That Israel’s re-annexation of lands over which it has sovereignty and legal rights will cause an uptick in Jew-hatred from the Arab world? That the Arabs who have been murdering Jews since the 1920s, even before the birth of Israel, and have continued that jihad with suicide bombings, rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, stabbings, ramming with vehicles, incendiary kites, and lethal stone throwing are suddenly going to hate Jews more and wish to murder them more frequently if annexation occurs? READ MORE

To view the list of signatures, click here. Most of these signers appear at least Jewish in name. Some of them may be teaching your children.

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