#BLM An Orthodox–and conservative–Jewish professor explains why he’s not attending his employer’s reeducation programming

See Clearly, Decide Wisely, Act Justly
by Jeffrey J. Poelvoorde
June 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: This open letter was written by Jeffrey J. Poelvoorde, an associate professor of history and politics at Converse College. It is written in response to the administration’s decision to make all those employed by the college watch a series of videos on systemic racism acquired by the college’s department of “diversity and inclusion.”...As an aside, I must admit that I am already quite familiar with the videos in question and the other materials produced by the company employed by our “Office of Diversity and Inclusion.” They are at worst inoffensive and at best anodyne. But the administration must be either naive or disingenuous to deny that there is an ideological content and substructure to this material. READ MORE

FRONT PAGE MAG Professor Jason Hill: The Advancing Nihilism and the Rot of Post-Modernism in the West I myself was shocked when I received an email from my home institution [Chicago’s DePaul University] apprising me of a workshop that had as one of many programs on its agenda the business of “decolonize that syllabus.” The reasoning is predicated on misguided social engineering. This is not a matter of diversifying the syllabus. It means literally divesting it of all white canonical figures who are presumed to be racist because they are white and who wrote during particular historical epochs that did not celebrate black agency…Our universities have ceased to be bastions of learning and have become national security threats, purveyors themselves not just of inverse racism, but educational tropes of cultural Marxism…

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