United Airlines going nonstop Chicago-Tel Aviv

United Airlines to launch Tel Aviv-Chicago route in September
by Zachary Keyser
July 7, 2020

United Airlines said this week it was further expanding its international schedule in September by adding new nonstop flights between Chicago and Tel Aviv. The new direct charter route will be introduced in September of this year. “We are proud of this announcement which is reflected in the company’s expanding flight schedule and looking forward to offering our customers more flight options that will connect Israel and the United States,” said United Airlines Israel CEO Avi Friedman…The flights will depart from Tel Aviv en route to Chicago O’Hare on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Return flights are scheduled for Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST El Al flights to Chicago postponed indefinitely “We still don’t know when we will fly at all,” a company official said. It is still unknown when El Al will fly again despite a deal reached on Wednesday, but it is already clear that El Al’s flights to Chicago have been postponed indefinitely, sources at the company said.

JEWISH PRESS Israel Nationalizes El Al 17 years almost to the day following the 2003 privatization of Israel’s national carrier El Al, El Al’s board of directors decided on Monday afternoon to adopt the Finance Ministry’s rescue plan, according to which the company will receive a $250 million loan with a state-provided 75% loan guarantee, along with the issuance of $150 million shares to the general public. The state will pledge to buy the shares that the public will not buy, which would facilitate the de facto nationalization of the company.

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