Stoudemire, who is Black and Jewish: “There’s more similarities with the African Americans and Jewish people than there are differences”

Amar’e Stoudemire Cites Lack of Black Leadership for Rise In Anti-Semitic Rhetoric
July 17, 2020

Pro basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire is both Black and Jewish — and says he’s uniquely positioned to help “bridge the gap” between the two groups. Stoudemire has been living and playing ball in Israel since 2016 — but he’s been paying attention to the recent wave of anti-Semitic comments from high profile people like DeSean Jackson, Stephen Jackson and Nick Cannon. All 3 of the above-mentioned stars have apologized — but Amar’e says moving forward, there should be a focus on educating young people about the SIMILARITIES between Black people and Jews…Stoudemire suggests a “lack of leadership” in the Black community has led to many Black people turning to Louis Farrakhan for leadership…READ MORE

AISH Dr Yvette Alt Miller: Thank You Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Dear Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for breaking the silence. Thank you for using your column in The Hollywood Reporter and your celebrity status to condemn the recent torrent of virulently anti-Semitic tweets, Instagram posts, and other social media expressions targeting Jews in the vilest terms. Thank you for being a rare Black leader and role model who’s not afraid to stand up and condemn hatred when it’s directed against Jews. 

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