Memo to Abbas: “The fact is, no other refugee population exists from the 1940s. They have all moved on to build their lives in the places to which they fled or in other countries”

The real killer of the two-state solution? The Palestinian right of return
Adi Schwartz and Einat Wilf
July 30, 2020

…The overriding Palestinian demand, more important than the explicit demand of statehood, has always been the innocuous sounding right of return — the demand for millions of Palestinians, descendants of those who fled or were expelled in the 1948 war, to be recognized as possessing each a “right” to settle inside the state of Israel. This right, not sanctioned by international law, crucially overrules Israeli sovereignty; since the number of these Palestinians is between five and nine million, and since Israel’s Jewish population is about seven million, the meaning of such a demand is the transformation of Israel into an Arab state. READ MORE

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