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Memo to Abbas: “The fact is, no other refugee population exists from the 1940s. They have all moved on to build their lives in the places to which they fled or in other countries”

FORWARD The real killer of the two-state solution? The Palestinian right of return Adi Schwartz and Einat Wilf July 30, 2020 …The overriding Palestinian demand, more important than the explicit demand of statehood, has always been the innocuous sounding right … Continue reading

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Channel 2 report claims White House to announce major policy change on Palestinian Right of Return

JERUSALEM POST Trump taking Palestinian right of return ‘off the table,’ report claims by Michael Wilner August 25, 2018 The Trump administration will oppose Palestinian claims to a “right of return” for the descendants of refugees from modern-day Israel, according … Continue reading

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Israel is the only state favoring one religious tradition…except for all the others

CIFWATCH by Adam Levick December 4, 2014 If the Guardian or New York Times published a long essay about some tiny, obscure indigenous tribe in Africa with a language, culture, and religious tradition unique in the region, whose history extends … Continue reading

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