Memo to Seth Rogen: You have an obligation to think before you speak and to have some familiarity with facts before you libel people

An Open Letter to Seth Rogen
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Aug 1, 2020

…I can’t help but wonder how your grandparents who taught you about the reality of anti-Semitism would feel about your performance if they could have been “pickled” and returned to life like the hero of your film. What I can tell you though is the absolute glee of Jew haters in the aftermath of your hour of shame. Mondoweiss, a left-leaning news website co-edited by journalists Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz – two Jewish founders who describe themselves as progressive and anti-Zionist – reacted to your statements with the bold headline “Israel Is Ridiculous, Antiquated and Based on Ethnic Cleansing, Seth Rogen Says, But He’s Afraid To Tell Other Jews.” But obviously not afraid enough to prevent him from sharing his views on the most listened-to podcast in the world. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Seth Rogen says mom made him call Jewish Agency chief, appears to deny apology Jewish Agency said actor spoke on Zoom with its chairman, Isaac Herzog, and ‘apologized’ for recently saying that Israel ‘doesn’t make sense,’ claiming comments were made in jest

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