“Since you claim your parents hid the real history from you, I’ll be careful not to spoil for you which was which”

Dear American Jewish boys: Please find another outlet for your Oedipal rage. Signed, Israeli Jews
by Shany Mor
July 29, 2020

Dear American Jewish boys, Please, please, take your Oedipal rage and find another outlet for it. It’s not Israel’s fault you hate your parents. Leave us out of this. I understand, I get it. You were 12, you were at summer camp, and someone gave you a heroic version of Israel’s history, and now that you’re suddenly surrounded at university by theologians of the grand church of intersectionality, you feel the need to renounce, Fine. Renounce your summer camp. Renounce your parents. But leave us out. You’re not happy with the heroic version you heard at age 12? I feel for you. READ MORE

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