Yishai Fleisher: “What is the counter-word to “occupation”? What word can bridge the Arab-Jewish divide? The answer, which the UAE has found, is “Abraham.””

The narrative war: Occupation vs the ‘Abraham Accords’
by Yishai Fleisher
August 26, 2020

One of the greatest successes of the “Abraham Accords”—the nascent diplomatic relations deal between the United Arab Emirates and Israel—is just the name itself. The name implicitly indicates that the agreement is between descendants of the children of Abraham—Arabs and Jews—and for Israel, this is a crucial identification in its quest for normalization in the Middle East. Having lost hope of military victory, anti-Israel forces are conducting a narrative war against Israel. They seek to erase the intellectual foundations of Zionism, which assert that Israel is the ancient home of the Jewish nation, who have had two commonwealths on this same land, and to which Jews have an unbroken historical and spiritual connection. READ MORE

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