A Democrat shares his thoughts on the RNC — and makes an intriguing prediction

I Can’t Stop This Feeling
by Liel Leibovitz
August 28, 2020

…The RNC, on the other hand, had a much more hearty offering on hand. It had no actors, singers, comedians, billionaires, academics, or former presidents present to offer perfectly polished paeans to character. Instead, it had people of faith affirming the singular importance of safeguarding the freedom of religion; immigrants affirming the notion, not controversial until very recently, that an American citizenship was an exceptional honor, not a universal right; blue-collar workers affirming the all-American reliance on small businesses, not tech behemoths; law enforcement officials affirming the foundational truth that, in America, when we disagree, we talk things over, not burn things downREAD MORE

CHICAGO TRIBUNE Professor Charles Lipson: Trump’s speech: What worked, what didn’t Another striking feature of the speech — indeed the whole GOP convention — was its emphasis on everyday Black families. The Republicans featured numerous African American speakers, some outlining how they had been helped by specific policies, such as criminal justice reform, others talking about Trump’s personal interest in them and their lives.

JERUSALEM POST Mishpacha Magazine Editor Binyamin Rose: Orthodox Jews tend to support Donald Trump Only 6% of voters who cast ballots for Barack Obama in 2008 voted for Donald Trump in 2016. I’m one of them. Political affiliation played no role in my decision. I’m a registered Democrat who often votes Republican. I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in North Jersey…This year poses a fresh dilemma.

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